Employees --- 

Phyllis Rouse BoydstunReal Estate Broker - Founder
Phyllis founded Boydstun Realty &Property Management, Inc. in 1976.  She built her new company of honesty, professionalism, and dedication to her clients.  Her business remains family owned and operated, with  her daughter, Reon, and both of her grandsons, Zachery and Joshua, upholding her values and traditions.

Reon Boydstun Howard, Real Estate Agent
Reon began working at Boydstun Realty & Property Managment, Inc. in 2003.  After successfully running her own printing business, All-Star Printing, Reon has helped Phyllis expand her company, and has since overseen transactions in Anaheim, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Corona Del Mar, and beyond.

Cathy Dutton, REALTOR

Zachery Youngs, Property Management Assistant
Zachery, Reon's eldest son, has been working for Boydstun Realty in many capacities for many years.  He currently oversees many of the online aspects of the company, from online marketing to website building.  In addition, he is also a proud Disneyland Cast Member.

Joline Sokol, Bookkeeper
Joline has computerized our property management business, and keeps all company finances in order.

Joshua Youngs, Clerical Assistant
Joshua, Reon's youngest son, has completed his B.F.A in Dance from the California Institute of the Arts.  He has seen his role expand with Boydstun Realty, and now oversees many of the property showing and maintenance contacts with the company.


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Values --- 
Personal attention to each property ---

Each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process from at least one of our employees. 
Client satisfaction ---

We are not satisfied unless our tenants, homebuyers, and lessees are content with their property.  We strive to meet the needs of all of our clients, including repairs, maitanence, and remodeling. 
Professionalism ---

We maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each property. We guarantee all of our work to be of the highest quality, as we know our clients would expect nothing less.

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